It’s not just about compensation…

It’s about JUST compensation!
It’s your land. Don’t let the government “take it” for granted.

Just compensation is your constitutional right, but challenging the government can be, well, challenging. Sought after by selective property owners throughout the West; the Law Offices of Kermitt L. Waters is exclusively devoted to helping landowners through the challenges presented in complex government takings by eminent domain.

When clients are presented with a realistic and true picture of potential outcomes in an eminent domain or inverse condemnation action, they can make the most informed decisions possible. The team at Kermitt Waters’ Office places a high priority on keeping their clients informed from the outset and at every step along the way. Furthermore, every avenue will be explored, legally and factually, to develop your case and ensure that you receive the maximum just compensation.

Visit our Case Studies pages to see some examples of how we’ve helped our clients recover in government takings involving air space, business access, open spaces and more.

The Law Offices of Kermitt L. Waters offers an experienced team with a track record that proves you don’t have to accept the first offer from the government when it wants to take your land. Before you make a costly decision, call us for a consultation to see if we can help you maximize your results.

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