Legislative Activity

Legislative activity helps ALL Nevada landowners!

We believe that just compensation must be paid when property is taken—it is one of the most fundamentally important individual rights we enjoy. Zealous representation by competent legal counsel is crucial to protect this right. At the Law Offices of Kermitt L. Waters we provide not only this necessary zealous representation but also commit our time and resources to effecting statutory law favorable to ALL Nevada landowners.

PISTOL: Nevada Property Owners Bill of Rights

Over the years, The Law Offices of Kermitt L. Waters has lobbied the Nevada Legislature to obtain such statutory changes to Nevada law. In 2006, Kermitt Waters authored an Initiative Petition titled Nevada Property Owners’ Bill of Rights (PISTOL) which appeared as Question Two on Nevada’s 2006 ballot. PISTOL was overwhelmingly passed by Nevada Voters. As a result of this Initiative, Clark County Commissioner Bruce Woodbury contacted Mr. Waters directly and requested that Mr. Leavitt and Mr. Waters work with several Clark County district attorneys over a three month period to draft new statutory eminent domain law.

In order to ensure Nevada Landowners immediate relief by implementing previsions of PISTOL, Mr. Leavitt and Mr. Waters worked with the Clark County District Attorneys to draft changes to Nevada’s eminent domain statutes, which were signed into law by the Governor in June of 2007 and will benefit all Nevada Landowners whose property is taken after June of 2007.

But for Mr. Waters tireless effort representing Nevada Landowners, these statutory changes would never have come to fruition.

Read more about PISTOL… Clark County Bar Association Communique, September 2010.